Planning for your retirement can be a daunting task and the costs of getting it wrong can be the difference between a comfortable retirement and one where you are solely reliant on the Age Pension.


We specialise in helping our clients plan their retirements by exploring their specific goals such as;


  1. How much income do you need in retirement to live your desired lifestyle in retirement?

  2. What are your travel plans in retirement – where to? How often? How much?

  3. What lump sums do you require in retirement for things like;

    1. Renovating your home

    2. Moving home

    3. New Cars

    4. Gifts to children

  4. Maximising Age Pension Benefits (If applicable)

  5. Minimising Tax

  6. Ensuring investments are in line with performance expectations and tolerance to risk

  7. What would you like to happen in the event of death?

  8. What are your intentions in relation to Aged Care (If and when required)


We then put together a “Discovery Presentation” which explores where you are at now, where you would like to get to and some strategies that will assist.


We also provide detailed cash flow and asset modelling over 30+ years to get a look and feel of what your retirement plan will be.  Although the modelling is not a guarantee (after all we do not control the investment markets….yet!) it can be a very powerful tool to assess the probability of your retirement income objectives being met and helping to answer the big question “Will we have enough to last for our retirement?”

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