Whether you are employed or self employed superannuation is a powerful wealth creation tool.  Put simply it is your own personal “tax haven” due to the generous tax concessions available both while you are accumulating wealth and in retirement.


We help our clients by providing tailored advice to get the most out of their superannuation.  Our advice services include;


  1. Tax Deductible Superannuation Contributions Strategies
    (Salary Sacrifice and personal deductible contributions)

  2. Asset Restructuring (Non-Concessional Contributions) – moving assets into the concessionally taxed superannuation environment

  3. Superannuation Product review
    How does your fund compare in the following areas;


    1. Fees

    2. Performance

    3. Investment options

    4. Insurance offerings

  4. Investment option selection – ensuring your superannuation is invested in line with your performance expectations and tolerance to risk


We have a wide variety of superannuation products available through our Approved Products List including Retail, Self Managed, Industry and Government funds.